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We at Green Switch are proud to offer a selection of railroad signaling services.

Our goal is to provide quality products and services to the railroad industry.

Products include:

The MPH-1 and MPH-2 are designed to assist in preventing unnecessary
activation of Highway/Rail Grade crossings during Maintenance of Way work
and while retaining proper activation on adjacent tracks. The MPH's will also
assist in restoring Highway/Rail Grade crossings to normal operation after
the track work is completed.


The Pocket Socket is a terminal wrench constructed
of a non-conducting material that folds to
approximately 1"x3".




The SIM and SIM - Plus are designed to assist maintainers perform testing on Power Operated
Switch Machines. They are designed to maintain normal switch correspondence while testing
is performed on switches to allow trains to approach the control point. The SIM - Plus also
provides a means to operate the switch under power to reduce
the time and effort required to throw power operated switch machines.



XCBS and XCBS-DL - Crossing Control Bypass Switch

The XCBS line of products are designed to assist in preventing unnecessary
activation of the highway/rail grade crossing systems during Maintenance-of-Way
work. The XCBS provides a means to deactivate a crossing using a key to apply
battery or a dummy track load to appropriate terminals allowing a maintainer to
simply turn a key to safely deactivate the crossing.

We also offer Cadd Services including:

  • As-In-Service Drawings
  • Scanning and Digitizing
  • Printing
  • Redrawing

Contact us for additional services available.