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Crossing Control Bypass Switch



  • Easy setup and removal - Enhanced Safety
  • XCBS works with all Crossing Warning Systems
  • Simple means to prevent unnecessary operation
    of corssing warning systems during monthly testing
    or M.O.W. work
  • Eliminates the need for jumpers
  • Eliminates incorrect polarity hookup
  • Auxillary terminals for use with external indication


The XCBS is permanently wired into each crossing warning system, and can be configured with either a removable or non-removable bypass key. Simply connect the crossing control circuits to the designated terminals on the XCBS. The rotating "knife switch" on the left side of the XCBS allows the crossing warning system to be controlled for manual test purposes. To prevent unnecessary operation of the crossing warning system, insert the key and select "bypass", rotate the knife switch to "bypass" and the crossing is disabled. The non-removable bypass key adds an additional level of security for the Bypass function. Optional hookup can be made to the auxiallary terminals to include the activation of a strobe or event recorder input when the XCBS is placed in the "bypass" position.

Keys can be color coded and/or numbered for assignment to individuals. Railroad jumper policies can be maintained; instead of keeping track of jumper numbers and locations where used, the maintainer keeps track of key numbers and the locations where used.


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