Green Switch Innovations
Innovation in railroad signal systems





















The MPH-1 consists of a generic panel installed in a water and shock resistant case.

The MPH-1 is designed to disable a single track. The MPH-1 and the MPH-2 use the same cables and are interchangable for any crossing application.

Features include:

  • A lockout cover plate requires all switches to

    be placed in the "Off" position during transport to
    prevent false setup before work begins.
  • Simplified setup and restoration of crossing warning
  • Quick disconnect, keyed bayonet-style connectors.
  • Heavy duty, military spec components.
  • 12v output provided when MPH's are active, can be used
    for external strobe indication or indication to control
    office using railroad provided event recorder.
  • LED indication on the panel when a track is disabled.
  • All circuits are open when the MPH's are not connected
    to the interface harness.






Interface Harnesses are permanently wired in the
crossing house. Individual cables are wired to each
track providing separation for disabling functions.
Cables are labeled for each track and are wired to
reduce the possibility of disabling the wrong track.

20' of cable is provided to enable wiring in any size house.